Leak-Proof Food Travel Kit - Guaranteed

Travel anywhere with your favorite snacks!
A cartoon SnacTripster, dressed with red tennis shoes, blinks, smiles, and waves to you.

Welcome to SnacTripster!

Compact and convenient, SnacTripster makes it fun for kids to bring healthy food from home. SnacTripster is the ONLY durable & complete snack food travel kit that's also eco-friendly. Food Travel Made Fun!

SnacTripster is the ONLY Food Travel Kit you’ll ever need!

BPA-Free * Dishwasher* Freezer* Microwave Safe

Rugged & tough. A cartoon SnacTripster, dressed in blue tennis shoes, shows its durability by falling over without a scratch.
Rugged & Tough!

SnacTripster is made from extra-tough Tritan™ unlike ordinary food containers. Long-lasting and durable, SnacTripster can withstand everyday usage without cracking.

Filled with water, the leak-proof food container, SnacTripster, does a dance to show it won't spill a drop.
Guaranteed Leak-Proof!

SnacTripster is guaranteed leak-proof.  Really, it’s super leak-proof. SnacTripster also has a wide opening that can hold ANY type of food- purees, yogurts & solid foods!      

A cartoon SnacTripster unhinges its latch, and opens its lid to show how everything remains attached.
Attached Lids!

SnacTripster’s patented design has an attached lid & built-in utensil.  No more mixing & matching lids after washing!  With a lifetime parts warranty, SnacTripster is AWESOME!    

SnacTripster is the perfect travel companion!

Worry-free travel is priceless!  Take your favorite home-made salads or dressing anywhere you go without leaks. With its patented ergonomic design, SnacTripster is both compact & convenient and will fit into any size bag.  Just fill SnacTripster with your favorite foods, grab & go!   

SnacTripster – Colorful Fun!

SnacTripster is perfect for all ages!

BPA-free, phthalate-free and lead-free, SnacTripster is FDA certified food safe for children 6 months and up.  SnacTripster’s compact size fits as comfortably in a diaper bag as it does in a kid’s lunch box!  When your child grows, SnacTrispter is there to help! 

SnacTripster is compact and versatile…..
Great for school snacks!

Bring SnacTripster for quick pick-me-up snacks at school. Sitting in a classroom all day is hard work!

SnacTripster is the must-have addition to your sports team!

Take SnacTripster along with your favorite food to fuel your sports games!  We know that after-school sports practice takes lots of energy!

SnacTripster is ideal for kids with special needs….

SnacTripster’s ergonomic shape & attached lids make it easier for kids with special needs to grab & hold.  Bright colors and fun stickers will capture their attention.  

Click on Our Story to learn what the SnacTripster Team does to help kids with special needs.  They have a cherished place in our hearts. 

Personalize your SnacTripster with Fun & Colorful Stickers

Fuel your imagination with SnacTripster Stickers

Food Travel Made Fun! Like all our products, SnacTripster stickers are durable and long lasting.  Removable and reusable, SnacTripster stickers can stick to anything and they’re a super fun way to personalize your food travel kit! 

SnacTripster is on a mission to save the oceans!

Our oceans are being suffocated with plastic litter.  Nearly 40% of all plastic produced is for single-use packaging and much of that plastic waste winds up littering the oceans and killing wildlife. SnacTripster is designed to replace single-use plastic and is eco-friendly, re-usable and long lasting. Learn more about our efforts to help our oceans survive. Click on About Us to learn more…

SnacTripster refill kits….

SnacTripster is designed to be accessorized with colors – like a toy for food!  Switch up the colors and see the difference. Refill kits are extra parts for your SnacTripster… always must-have extra parts!