SnacTripster FAQ's

Q:  Is SnacTripster microwave safe?  What about freezer and dishwasher?

Snactripster has been extensively tested and is certified dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe with the gasket removed. See care instructions for details 

Q:  What is SnacTripster made from?  

SnacTripster is not the ordinary food container, it’s made from ultra-premium quality materials to be longer lasting and highly durable.  The hard plastic parts are made from Tritan™ and the soft gasket is made from premium food-quality silicone.  

Q: Where is SnacTripster made?

SnacTripster is a product manufactured and distributed by Allera Travel Products, LLC.  SnacTripster is responsibly made in China and undergoes regular FDA compliance food testing.  

Q: Is SnacTrispter BPA-Free and safe ?

SnacTripster is completely BPA-free, Lead and phthalate-free.  It is great for kids of all ages.  SnacTripster has been tested and 

FDA certified food safe.    

Q: What are the parts contained in the SnacTripster?

SnacTripster food travel kit contains the following:  Container, Outer lid, Inner lid, Spoon/fork, Latch, Gasket

Q: What about the Warranty?

SnacTripster has a lifetime warranty for the Tritan® plastic container, lids and latch parts against cracking or parts breakage during normal use. Not covered under the warranty are the gasket part, spoon/fork, surface scratches on the Tritan plastic parts, or other signs of normal wear and tear on the product.