Care and Use

Made from premium quality durable materials, SnacTripster is truly the next generation of food travel kits. With good care, it will last a long time, so please take a moment to read the instructions below.

Parts Included with SnacTripster: Figure 1

  1. Container – 6 fl oz capacity
  2. Outer lid – permanently attached
  3. Inner lid – permanently attached
  4. Latch - permanently attached
  5. Spoon/fork utensil – removable
  6. Gasket – removable
Figure 1

Instructions for Use: Figure 2, Figure 3

  1. Before your first use of SnacTripster, please wash the container and all parts. (See washing instructions below).
  2. To open SnacTripster, simply unsnap and fold down the latch. Figure 2.
  3. Open the top lid to remove the spoon/fork.
  4. Open inner lid to add food or eat from the container. In case the inner lid sticks to the container, simply run your thumb up the front of the container and pop it up. Figure 3.
Figure 2
Figure 3

Wash and replace gasket: Figure 4, Figure 5

Your SnacTripster is certified dishwasher safe, but we recommend hand washing it as noted below.

Hand wash:

    1. Remove the gasket by running your thumb along the inside of the inner lid and grabbing the gasket with your thumb and forefinger and gently pulling the gasket up. Figure 4
    2. When hand washing the product, use ONLY a soft sponge with soapy water to clean it. Rough, abrasive sponges or products will scratch the surface. Your SnacTripster is NOT warrantied against surface scratches.
    3. Dry your SnacTripster with a soft cloth.

Replace the gasket:

  1. To replace the gasket, align its shape to the inner lid with the posts side facing the inner lid matching the posts with the holes in the lid. Starting at the front of the gasket, push the posts into the holes in the inner lid and then press the gasket into place around the inner lid. NOTE Leaks could occur if the gasket is not inserted properly. Figure 5
  2. To ensure your gasket is properly positioned, look on the top side of the inner lid to see if the gasket posts pop through the holes.
Figure 2
Figure 3


SnacTripster is certified dishwasher safe; place in dishwasher top rack with both lids folded back.


SnacTripster is certified microwave safe with the gasket removed. To microwave food in your SnacTripster, remove the gasket (see above) and fold the top lid back leaving the inner lid in place so the steam can vent out through the holes.

When done using Microwave, close BOTH lids for safety before removing from Microwave. 



SnacTripster container, lids, latch, and spoon/fork are made from Tritan®, and the gasket is made from premium quality, certified food grade silicone. SnacTripster is FDA certified food-safe and 100% BPA-free. It is 6 fl oz and can be used with children and babies ages 6 months and up.


SnacTripster has a lifetime warranty for the Tritan® plastic parts against cracking or parts breakage during normal use. Not covered under the warranty are the gasket part, surface scratches on the Tritan plastic parts, or other signs of normal wear and tear on the product.

Made in China. Manufactured and Distributed by Allera Travel Products, LLC. Las Vegas, NV.


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