The SnacTripster Story

SnacTripster is a brand with a social commitment

Like so many people, SnacTripster’s founder/inventor Francine Weinberg has family members with disabilities. In fact, nearly 1 out of every 4 Americans has some form of disability. Francine’s beloved brother has Autism, a spectrum disorder whose prevalence has increased nearly 178% since year 2000. Francine grew up watching her brother struggle to complete everyday tasks like removing lids or tying shoelaces. Her brother's experience is not unique since many children with Autism, and other special needs, face similar motor control issues. 

So with an incredible tenacity, Francine set out on a journey that took 7 long years of dedication to bring her dream to reality: a next-generation, durable, special- needs friendly, and re-usable food travel kit product to the market.

Now, SnacTripster is here!  The ordinary food container is finally re-invented into a modern-day, re-usable food travel kit and made stronger and tougher than ever before!  

What is SnacTripster?  

SnacTripster is the ultimate leak-proof food travel kit.  Developed with an eye towards sleek ergonomic design,  compact convenience and usability in mind - SnacTripster is the perfect food travel kit for all kids and especially those with special needs!  Tough, tip-resistant on flat surfaces, long-lasting, and guaranteed leak-proof, it’s the ideal travel product for kids to bring their favorite snacks to school!

Most food travel containers on the market are not leak-proof or durable enough to hold up to the rigors of everyday usage especially for kids.  But not SnacTripster, it’s guaranteed leak-proof and has a lifetime parts warranty!

 About Inventor/Founder Francine Weinberg 

Women inventors occupy a small percentage of all inventor/patent holders, but that percentage shrinks even more for women who produce their inventions. According to expert statistics, only about 3 out of every 1000 patent holders is a woman who can successfully commercialize her patented product.  

Even though it took 7 long years of struggle and failure before she could successfully produce SnacTripster, Francine beat the odds and was determined to get the job done to bring this product to market.  With incredible perseverance, she believed that a more durable and reusable type of food travel product can help kids with special needs while reducing single-use plastic waste in the environment.  Finally, Francine made SnacTripster a reality!  

Francine holds a prestigious Bachelor of Engineering degree and an MBA.  She has an extensive background consulting to Fortune 500 companies as a professional Project Manager and believes that creativity is the best way to solve complex problems.  She also holds multiple patents in the US and Internationally for SnacTripster and other products. 

SnacTripster is a brand with a purpose 

The images are so disturbing. Lakes, beaches and shorelines that were once pristine and scenic, are now piled with plastic litter and garbage. But plastic itself is not the problem.  The problem is a combination of issues like inadequate waste disposal, lack of recycling efforts, and most importantly, the overuse of single-use plastics. 

Since the world's oceans are being littered with discarded single-use plastics, SnacTripster's time has come to help cut down on the waste that is killing our ecosystems.

As a former scuba diver, Francine saw far too many plastic bottles, bags, straws, and other single-use plastic waste litter in the ocean and sea waters. Non-recyclable and single-use plastic waste is literally suffocating the environment and killing wildlife at a frightening pace, so Francine made sure SnacTripster was both durable and re-usable.

SnacTripster Mission Statement

Our mission is to produce reusable, durable and long-lasting travel products to help kids, especially those with special needs, bring healthy food from home. SnacTripster is reusable and can help reduce single-use plastic waste littering our environment.    


Special Needs Kids

SnacTripster’s unique and patented design is perfect for kids with physical challenges to travel with their favorite foods.  With its compact and patented ergonomic design and attached lid, SnacTripster fits perfectly in little hands.  The attached lid makes it much easier for kids to grab and hold onto the container, with no worries of balancing or dropping the lids.  

 Bright colors and fun stickers will capture and hold their attention, making SnacTripster the perfect food travel solution.   


SnacTripster gives back to the community

Because of her brother's disability, helping special needs kids is a priority for Founder/Inventor Francine Weinberg.  SnacTripster sponsors fund-raising and other events at special needs schools, donates products to kids in underserved areas and gives back to our community.  Please contact us if your school is interested in a sponsored fund-raising event.