Stop The Sale Of Junkfood With SnacTripster

Stop The Sale Of Junkfood With SnacTripster

By Elena Garcia.


It is no secret that junk food is a huge issue amongst American children. American children consume an alarming amount of junk food, but the reason for this might be more sinister than you may think. The truth is food corporations spend millions of dollars marketing junk food to our children! They spend millions marketing food that causes stroke, heart diseases, diabetes, and obesity to our children! Each year companies spend $1.7 billion to advertise food to children, and only $280 million of that is spent on advertising healthy food to children. Two-thirds of children’s websites show advertisements for food, 84% of these advertisements are for junk foods.

Children, who know no better, feed into this temptation and purchase junk food. Where they purchase junk food might surprise you as well. School. Children purchase junk food at school, where it is readily available and advertised to them. They purchase this food from soda vending machines and from the school cafeteria. A lot of times junk food is even advertised to children in their schools! This predatory behavior needs to be stopped.

Thankfully, there is a tool that can help with the problem of children purchasing and consuming junk food, especially in schools. Children spend a lot of money purchasing junk food. Thankfully, SnacTripster can help with this. SnacTripster is the tool needed to teach healthy habits for kids. By packing your children a healthy lunch and healthy snacks from home you can deter them from purchasing this

unhealthy junk food being advertised to them in schools and online. SnacTripster is the best reusable plastic container on the market to pack your child a school lunch. If you pack your child a healthy school lunch with SnacTripster you can also save money because your child won’t be spending your hard earned money on junk food at school. Make the right choice and pack your child a healthy lunch to bring to school with SnacTripster so they will not feed into the temptation of advertised junk food. Save your child’s health and your wallet with SnacTripster.



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