SnacTripster: The Ultimate Portion Control Guide for Children

SnacTripster: The Ultimate Portion Control Guide for Children

By Elena Garcia. 

It is no secret that obesity is a huge problem in America, especially childhood obesity, by 2014 42 million children were overweight and that number continues to grow. There are many causes of childhood obesity, and a huge one is portion sizes. Americans are consuming more calories now than ever because of portion sizes growing tremendously. In the past 20 years hamburgers have expanded in size by 23%, a plate of Mexican food has expanded in size by 27%, soft drinks by 52%, and snacks by 60%! This is a huge problem! Bigger portion sizes mean people eat more, studies have shown that when you double a portion size people will eat 35% more, and this behavior was even observed in children as young as two years old.


The photo above are the kind of dangerously large portion sizes served at fast food places that lead to childhood obesity and preventable diseases.


It is so important to implement portion sizes into your child’s diet and teaching them healthy habits at a young age. However, because of huge portion sizes it is extremely difficult to do so, which is why now more than ever you need tools. SnacTripster is the perfect tool to do so. SnacTripster is a tritan food container small enough to encourage smaller portions and to use as a food portion guide. By packing your children’s healthy snacks and meals in SnacTripster you can demonstrate correct portion sizes to them while at home or on the go. Often prepackaged foods and snacks contain way too big of portions, to correct this put a smaller amount of these foods into your SnacTripster and enjoy.

Healthy habits for kids are important, especially when it comes to portion sizes and portion control.

SnacTripster is the easiest and more hassle-free way to teach portion control to your little ones. An extra tip for controlling portion sizes is planning meals in advance helps to control portions, especially by helping you avoid eating out in restaurants where portion sizes are huge. You can also store leftovers in smaller portions by putting portioned servings in your SnacTripster before refrigerating. Lastly, enforce eating three meals a day and only two snacks. With these tips and with the help of SnacTripster you can control your child’s portion sizes and avoid the deadly epidemic of childhood obesity.


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