Say No To Plastic and Yes To SnacTripster

Say No To Plastic and Yes To SnacTripster

By Elena Garcia. 


It is no secret that single-use plastics are a huge issue for a number of reasons, the main one being that these plastics end up in our oceans and our landfills. But just how much can you help the environment by purchasing a reusable plastic container? If each child brings their own lunch to school in a reusable lunch container that is over 180 pieces of single-use plastics eliminated per child each school year! And if these children bring their lunch in the SnacTripster reusable container that is even more waste eliminated because SnacTripster includes a fork. That would be over 180 pieces of plastic cutlery that will not go into our oceans. Using reusable utensils and reusable lunch containers is an easy and fun way to eliminate waste your household contributes to landfills each year.


Not only is investing in reusable containers an amazing way to help the environment but it is also an amazing way to save some money. Imagine how much money a household spends each year on plastic bags and forks to pack lunches for the whole family. Americans use 100 billion plastic bags a year! That’s an average of one plastic bag per person each day of the year. These bags are not only expensive though, they are also extremely harmful to the environment. In 2015, 730,000 tons of plastic bags were made of which about 90% ended up in landfills and oceans.


Plastic in our landfills is a huge problem and we can end the cycle for good by investing in a good quality reusable food container such as SnacTripster. When you purchase a SnacTripster you are already beginning to eliminate the waste you produce in a single year. Not only that but you are also saving money and possibly saving your health. Single use plastics often contain dangerous chemicals that can harm us, however SnacTripster is 100% BPA-free so you do not have to worry about what chemicals you are consuming when using it, because you aren’t consuming any!

So do the right thing for yourself, and for the environment and purchase a SnacTripster to limit the single-use plastics you contribute to landfills each year.


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