Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year With SnacTripster

Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year With SnacTripster

By Elena Garcia.

Do you bring your lunch to work? Do you pack your children lunch for school? What about snacks for work and school? What do these lunches and snacks usually look like? Hundreds of plastic bags? Single-use plastic containers? Pre-cut fruit and individual servings of food? What if I told you that by changing the way you prepare your on-the-go meals and snacks you can actually save money and help the environment.


You can save hundreds of dollars a year investing in a reusable food container to bring you lunch to work or school.  


A study conducted compared the cost of the average on-the-go lunch when using single-use plastics versus when investing in a reusable food container. The homemade lunch using reusable food containers cost $4.10 a day, the lunch using single-use plastics cost $5.86 a day. The average person works 260 days a year making the reusable container lunch cost $1,066 a year and the single-use plastic lunch cost $1,523.60 a year. Which means in a year you can save $457.60 by investing in a reusable food container. That’s almost 500 dollars of savings a year!

That is where SnacTripster comes in. SnacTripster is the best plastic free lunch box on the market. SnacTripster is made from Tritan, which means it is tougher than the average reusable container and can stand the test of time, you can pack your lunch in there everyday and have no cracks or breaks. SnacTripster is also leak-proof which means you can put any of your favorite foods in and not worry about a mess, that includes yogurts and purees. It also has an attached lid meaning you don’t have to dig  

in drawers all morning to find the lid to your reusable food container. It is also dishwasher and microwave safe! This microwaveable lunch box is both convenient and affordable. If you ever have any problems with your SnacTripster (not that you will) there is a lifetime guarantee! What other reusable food container has a lifetime guarantee? SnacTripster is truly the best food container on the market and buying one can save you $500 a year! Invest in SnacTripster to save your money and to save the environment!


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