Sale of Fast Food during the Pandemic

Sale of Fast Food during the Pandemic

By Elena Garcia. 

It is no secret that fast food grew in popularity during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. In-house dining closed for many restaurants which caused drive-throughs and meal delivery services to gain a lot of popularity. This occurred because delivery and drive-through were, many times, the only thing available. Most of America partook in fast food consumption more than they would like to admit because it was convenient. Getting fast food delivered right to your doorstep is much easier than even getting groceries delivered. During uncertain times America leaned on fast food and consumed more fast food than ever before. Four of the top delivery companies brought in over $5.5 billion in revenue from April to September of 2020, more than twice as much as their combined revenue during the same period last year.

Uber Eats in particular gained enormous popularity, in 2019 their revenue was $1.9 billion, in 2020 it was $4.8 billion, their gross bookings for 2019, $14.5 billion, in 2020 that number grew to

$30.2 billion, and their users for 2019 was 21 million, in 2020 that number rose all the way to 66 million. Statistics show that America has a fast-food problem, the average American eats fast food 1-3 times per week, and at least 83% of American families eat fast food at least once a week. Adults and children are consuming more fast food now than ever, leading to many preventable diseases such as obesity and type two diabetes.

During the pandemic, fast food and fast food delivery services were sought out due to the convenience of these services and types of food. Thankfully, there is a nutritional tool that costs less than Uber Eats and is even more convenient, because it is time to say no to fast food and get serious about eating healthy, nutritious meals again. SnacTripster is the best nutritional tool on the market to get Americans eating healthy, well-proportioned meals again. It can even work as a food portion guide to ensure your food prep meals are well-proportioned.

The attached lid, ergonomic design, and the fact that it is both microwave and dishwasher safe make preparing meals and healthy snacks with SnacTripster just as convenient as ordering food from delivery services. However, when you prepare your own meals using SnacTripster you know exactly what you are getting. SnacTripster is great for meal-prepping at home or on the go. So, next time you reach for your phone to order fast food, reach for SnacTripster instead and make a meal you’re proud of that is nutritious and healthy for the whole family.


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