Get Active With SnacTripster

Get Active With SnacTripster

By Elena Garcia. 


There are several factors that lead to obesity in children and not being active enough is one of them. When children lead a sedentary lifestyle of watching television, playing games on the computer, or having ipads for kids they are much more likely to become obese because it is harder for them to balance the energy they consume through foods and the energy they burn off through exercise. However, simply increasing children’s exercise can lower their chances of being obese and can lower their chances of getting a preventable disease such as type two diabetes.

That’s why it is important to encourage children to go outside and play and bring their favorite healthy snacks with them on the go. That is where SnacTripster comes in, SnacTripster is the perfect reusable food container to bring you child’s favorite healthy snack with them while they are going outside and being active. It is important to pack healthy snacks for children during a day out to showcase healthy habits for kids and end the epidemic of childhood obesity.

There are several ways to encourage physical activity in children, you don’t always have to go outside, you can get creative while staying at home by finding fun workouts for kids to do and do these exercises at home as a family. You can even enjoy a delicious nutritious snack at home from you SnacTripster.

It is important as parents to encourage and teach children healthy habits that they can take into adulthood. Such as finding ways to be active they will actually enjoy, like fun exercises for kids, limiting screen time, and eating well proportioned, healthy meals and snacks.

The best part about SnacTripster is that it makes living a healthy lifestyle easy. Its leak-proof ergonomic design is made to fit in backpacks, purses, diaper bags, and in little hands. The best part? When you’re done simply toss in the dishwasher and get ready for the next adventure! SnacTripster is the best nutritional tool on the market and will lead you and your family in the right direction to staying healthy and active.


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