Everything You Need To Know About Childhood Obesity And How To Avoid It

Everything You Need To Know About Childhood Obesity And How To Avoid It

By Elena Garcia.

Childhood obesity is an epidemic that is sweeping across America and each year the number of obese children continues to grow. By 1999-2002 nearly 15% of children were considered obese, and as of right now 16.9% of children aged 2-19 are considered obese according to the BMI. Childhood obesity has the potential to have serious impacts on health and contribute to many preventable diseases as children reach adulthood.

Childhood obesity is a very serious condition that

contributes to diseases that typically occur decades

later in adulthood.


There are many causes for childhood obesity, which includes as contributing factor, portion control and portion sizes. During the last half of the 1990s food portion sizes increased more than 60 times, this timing correlates with the increase in childhood obesity. Studies have found that when larger portions are available to children they will eat more. No Surprise!!

That is why its important to have nutritional tools to control portion sizes, and SnacTripster does just that. SnacTripster is an compact and convenient tool that parents can use to give their children the correct portions of food. This leak-proof FDA-certified food travel kit is the perfect container for packing your children’s school lunch and giving them a healthy, well portioned meal to enjoy on the go.

It is crucial to use nutritional tools such as SnacTripster to pack your children a healthy lunch to bring to school now more than ever because of the alarming amount of junk food available in schools across America. Access to soda vending machines in schools has increased dramatically, with access rising to 67% in middle schools and 96% in high schools as of 2000.

Soda vending machines often contain high-calorie snacks. This increase contributes to childhood weight gain and obesity but with basic food knowledge about portion sizes and with tools like Snactripster that make packing healthy well-portioned food convenient and inexpensive we can end the epidemic of childhood obesity in America.


Childhood obesity is an alarming epidemic, but with portion measuring tools that are as fun and convenient to use as Snactripster, we can end this epidemic. Snactripster makes portion control easy. Snactripster is microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe so you can put any of your favorite foods in, and it has an attached lid, so you never have to worry about losing it. Snactripster is the solution to ending the epidemic of childhood obesity in America.


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